hpmoc.io.astroquery module

An IO interface for astroquery for quickly loading and rasterizing data from the wealth of observatories whose data is accessible through that package. Can be only be used if astroquery is already locally installed, which can be accomplished automatically by adding the astroquery dependencies on installation.

class hpmoc.io.astroquery.AstroqueryIo

Bases: hpmoc.io.abstract.ReadonlyIo

Read hpmoc.partial.PartialUniqSkymap instances directly from astroquery. Use this for rapid plotting, prototyping, or offline analyses.

static read(_skymap: Optional[hpmoc.partial.PartialUniqSkymap], *args, **kwargs) hpmoc.partial.PartialUniqSkymap

Use astroquery.skyview.SkyView.get_images to load FITS data, which is then rasterized to a HEALPix grid. All arguments are passed to that function.

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