hpmoc.healpy module

healpy wrapper

class hpmoc.healpy.LazyMod(mod, defaults, exceptions=None)

Bases: object

hpmoc.healpy.ang2vec(theta, phi, lonlat=False)

A drop-in replacement for healpy.ang2vec that preserves the healpy row, column ordering (since astropy_healpix.healpy.ang2vec returns a transposed version). Dynamically checks behavior in case astropy_healpix fixes its return value to conform to healpy behavior at some point in the future.

See also

healpy.ang2vec, astropy_healpix.healpy.ang2vec

hpmoc.healpy.boundaries(nside, pix, step=1, nest=False)

A drop-in replacement for healpy.boundaries that preserves the shape of the returned result. astropy_healpix.healpy.boundaries will return a shape of (3, 4) when given a length-1 vector of pixel indices, whereas the original will return a shape of (n, 3, 4) where n is the length of the input list, even in the case when n=1. This function conforms to the healpy.boundaries behavior.

See also

healpy.boundaries, astropy_healpix.healpy.boundaries


Drop-in replacement for healpy ~healpy.pixelfunc.nside2order.

hpmoc.healpy.pix2xyf(nside, ipix, nest=False)

Drop-in replacement for healpy ~healpy.pixelfunc.pix2xyf.

hpmoc.healpy.xyf2pix(nside, x, y, face, nest=False)

Drop-in replacement for healpy ~healpy.pixelfunc.xyf2pix.